• Similicious - prepaid talk & data travel SIM card for Canada
    Avoid high roaming fees
    when visiting Canada

    We're the most affordable Canadian prepaid mobile service
    for travellers, helping you save time and money!

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  • Similicious - prepaid talk & data travel SIM card for Canada
    You can save up to 90% on roaming
    & activation fees

    There are no accounts to create and you never have
    to worry about any extra costs or overages

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  • Similicious - prepaid talk & data travel SIM card for Canada
    We can even deliver your prepaid
    SIM card to any hotel in Canada

    We can also ship to your home before you leave, we have
    multiple shipping options to choose from

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  • Similicious - prepaid talk & data travel SIM card for Canada
    You'll get access to super fast 4G
    or 3G speeds coast to coast

    From Newfoundland to Toronto to Vancouver,
    we've got you covered

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When you arrive
Your SIM card will be waiting for you at your hotel or preferred location
While you're here
Enjoy blazing fast speeds
at a fraction of standard data roaming prices
When you leave
We'll deactivate your service and you can dispose of the prepaid SIM card
What you'll need
An unlocked phone or cellular enabled tablet or iPad
Ordering With Similicious Is Easy!
First Select A Plan

Our plans range Data Only plans to plans than include Talk, Text and Data

Then Select A Size

Small, medium and large sizes available that include different amounts of Talk time or Data

Finally Select A Shipping Speed

Provide your travel itinerary and select your delivery method during checkout

Coverage Area
We provide service in every
major city across Canada
100% Guarantee
How Shipping Works
We'll activate your SIM
card the day you arrive
How Does Shipping Work?

We can mail your SIM card anywhere in the world, even to your hotel in Canada

Shipping Options

We offer three options, Standard Mail, Registered Mail and Expidited Shipping

Shipping Times And Prices

Shipping times range from 2 to 14 business days and costs range from free to $25

See Shipping Details

Our Canadian Travel Packages

We've got three great plan types to choose from and they come in different sizes. You can choose the plan that bests suits you, and if you ever run out of voice minutes or data you can always add more with one of our Top Ups.

Data Only Plans

Data Only Icons

Our Data Only plans don't include any voice minutes or texting capabilities but they will give access to high speed networks.

These plans are ideal for those who only need data to get online or those with cellular tablets.

See Data Only Plans

Talk + Text Plans

Talk + Text Icons

Our Talk + Text plans are great for those who only need to make calls or texts.

All plans include unlimited Canada wide texting and for those who need more calling time, unlimited evening and weekend or unlimited local calling options are available.

See Talk + Text Plans

Talk + Text + Data Plans

Talk + Text + Data Icons

Our Talk + Text + Data plans are perfect for those who need to stay connected on the go.

You get unlimited Canada wide texting and the option for free evening and weekend local calling plus either 100 MB, 250 MB or 500 MB of high speed mobile data.

See Talk + Text + Data Plans

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Startup Canada

What we Do

Connecting to local networks can be expensive and time consuming. Why pay high activation fees, buy a new SIM card and create local carrier accounts just to stay connected for a few days?

When visiting Canada we can take care of all that for you at a fraction of the cost, we'll help you stay connected at affordable local prices.

Let us take care of everything for you.

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How it Works

Order any Canadian travel plan before you leave and we'll have a SIM card activated and ready to go when you get here. No activation fees. Nothing to buy. No local account.

We can even deliver your SIM card to your hotel before you arrive. And when you're done, simply remove the disposable SIM and have a safe flight home, there's nothing to return.

It couldn't be easier.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great Service!
    "I've received the card on time and it works as advertised. They've got great customer support , thank you so much. I'll suggest your Service to all my friends and colleagues."
    - Jean C., Austria
    Fast & Convenient.
    "I live in Texas and I received my SIM card within a week. I traveled to the East Coast of Canada with great coverage and fast LTE service in the big cities. I would highly recommend Similicious to anyone traveling to Canada!"
    - Johanne M., USA
  • Similicious was superb!
    "I used Similicious for a month while in Canada in July 2013. Everything was very smooth: the SIM card was waiting for me at the hotel and happily bonded with my iPhone5. When I had questions the team was very responsive, including after business hours. Great service, good value, I will use them again!"
    - Caldwell C., Spain
    I'm a USA phone user.
    "Super fast shipment, and unbelievable customer communication, good for texting."
    - David S., USA
  • Excellent option while in Canada.
    "Similicious just worked! No fuss, no muss! The nano-SIM I ordered was waiting for me at my hotel. Popped it into my iPhone 5 and I was communicating on 4G LTE speeds for my weeklong stay in Canada. Can't recommend it highly enough. I wish every place I travel to had a Similicious."
    - Vinod H., Germany
    "Perfect choice for tourist. I received when checkin in to my Hotel the SIM, just inserted in iPhone and forget about roaming charges, for data & voice."
    - Isaac H., USA
  • Very good service and coverage.
    "Very good service and coverage. I ordered the SIM card card from my home in Switzerland and it was waiting for me upon my arrival in our hotel in Calgary. Requests were answered in a very short time."
    - Jonathan M., Switzerland
    Awesome Service!
    "I really like your service, I hope that something like that is available all over the world."
    - Peter S., HK
  • Best way to get prepaid data while travelling.
    "I had ordered my Prepaid Similicious SIM card before getting to Canada. It was waiting for me when I arrived. Easy to insert into my US iPhone that I had made sure was unlocked for international use prior to travel. 500 MB data more than enough for the week I stayed in Canada."
    - TJ D., USA
    Good data-only solution.
    "I used a 500MB data-only SIM from Similicious on a recent trip to Canada, and it worked out just fine. In about a week's time, I used 400 of the 500MB between Google Maps, Facebook posts, and some web browsing and emailing. Avoiding exorbitant roaming fees was a must, and Similicious came through in that regard."
    - Brian D., Autralia
  • Awesome!
    "Was waiting at the hotel when I arrived, installed in seconds, and zero issues the entire trip. Excellent connectivity. I would not hesitate to use Similicious again."
    - Robert F., UK
    "Could not be any better!"
    - Eduardo S., USA
  • 100% Quality.
    "The SIM card was delivered at my hotel when I arrive in Canada. Nothing to configure. I used it for 3 weeks without any problems. A big thanks to the support who answer to my questions very quickly."
    - John L., USA
    Tech support is wonderful.
    "Bought two sims for my gf and I when we went to Toronto. The data worked perfectly for our entire trip. We just used google voice and an app called GrooveIP to make calls via data. Really excellent solution for a tech geek like me to survive a week out of my home country."
    - Chris A., USA
  • Similicious is amazing!
    "Everything worked out of the box and saved me tons of money! Amazing service."
    - Adres P., France
    Works as advertised, useful and well priced.
    "The SIM cards I ordered were waiting for me at my hotel when I arrived - worked perfect."
    - Peter B., Germany